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Fi=Po Financial Analysis

Internet toolkit for financial analyses

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Fi=Po combines in one place all you need to know about the business operations of Slovenian business entities. It enables quick review of the most relevant data on business entities, and at the same time offers the option of exporting lists and data for the preparation of your own reviews and analyses.

How does Fi=Po help you?

Looking for new clients? Fi=Po helps you prepare potential partner lists that can be optionally adapted to suit your needs.

What about your existing business partners and competitors? Surely you are interested in how they do business! With Fi=Po, you can check just how safe your cooperation with each of them is. Verify how they conducted business over an extended period of time, if they have any current solvency problems, and how AJPES assesses the risk of cooperation with them; you can also set up automatic notification of changes in all entities of relevance to you.

Fi=Po is, of course, also the proper place to access when you need aggregated data on the operations of business entities on the level of activities, regions, municipalities, and the entire economic sector.

What does it comprise?

  • quick review: one-click access to the most relevant information on a particular company – together with an assessment of operating risk and history of operation from 1994 onward,
  • data on an entity's solvency:
    • blocks (current balance and multiannual history),
    • volume of receipts on transaction accounts in Slovenia, as well as data on tax evaders and insolvency procedures – including subsidiary companies,
  • analysis of an entity's business environment: TOP 3 comparison with major competitors, its positioning within the framework of activities and/or geographical units, and the option of its comparison with entities of your choice,
  • detailed review of data from annual reports and computed indicators from 2006 onward:
    • for individual business entities – also from audited and consolidated annual reports,
    • for various geographical units (municipality, region or entire economic sector) or activity levels (area – class – subclass),
  • regular notification of changes in selected business entities, option of reviewing past events and, of course,
  • links to all AJPES registers and postings in one place – when you want to know more.


Fi=Po Financial Analysis Toolkit Price excl. VAT
Annual access EUR 320.00
One time access (for 24 hours for a selected entity) EUR 16.39

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